Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to enable your web application in your home laptop/pc to be assessible from public network?

To enable my web application that installed on my home laptop/pc to be accessible from public network, below are the steps of what I have gone through to get it working.

Assume that you have created an account at
- Create subdomains
- Install FreeDNS Update client at your laptop/pc

Assume that you are using SingTel service provider as what I am.
Note: SingTel is blocking port 80, your Apache Web Server should listening to other port, I configured my Apache Web Server to listen to port 81.

Assume that you have configured static IP address in your laptop/pc

Below are the steps to configure the port forwarding at your router
1.  Type in in your browser access the router configuration interface.
2. Click on "Security" -> "NAT and Port Forwarding"
3. Click on "Add a Port Forwarding Rule"
4. Edit the "Application" name
5. Edit the "Source Port" as 81, since port 80 is being blocked
6. "Destination IP" as the laptop/PC fixed IP address.
7. "Destination Port" as 81
8. Click on "Ok" button

Access from public network with your subdomain configured at FreeDNS, you should be able to access your web server.

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