Monday, June 9, 2014

How to resolve the issue when your laptop can't connect to iPhone personal hotspot?

In order to resolve my laptop unable to join my iPhone personal hotspot issue, below are the steps that I personally has gone through.

Change the name of my phone
- Tap on "Setting" in your iPhone
- Tap on "General" menu
- Tap on "About" menu
- Tap on "Name" menu
- Change the name of your phone

Note: Once the name of your phone has changed, use your laptop to connect to the personal hotspot network with new name, you should be prompted to enter the personal hotspot passcode. But, you still unable to connect to the network for now.

Reset the WiFi password
- Tap on "Setting" in your iPhone
- Tap on "Personal Hotspot" menu
- Tap on "Wi-Fi Password"menu
- Key in the password for your personal hotspot
- Tap on "Done" button

Note: Reconnect your laptop to the hotspot with newly entered password, you should be able to get your laptop connected to your personal hotspot this time.

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