Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to setup Ubuntu on Virtual Box?

Wish to explore Ubuntu but lack of machine to deploy and try. This is really frustrated especially for poor programmer like me who always struggling to upgrade my technical knowledge but not well equipped with neither hardware nor software. Out of disappointment, manage to discover virtual box as other option in setup Ubuntu on top of my Window 7 machine for exploration.

1. Assume VirtualBox 4.3.12 has been installed on Window 7. Refer to

2. Assume Ubuntu version 14.04 installer CD is ready.

Create New Virtual Machine

- Click on "New" button, enter the details as described below

Name: Ubuntu
Type: Linux
Version: Ubuntu (32 bit)

- Click on "Next" button, allocate memory size as "1024" MB

- Click on "Next" button, hard drive allocation screen is displayed. Use the default allocation size as 8GB.

- Click on "Create" button, "Hard drive file type" screen will be displayed. Use the default "VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image" file type.

- Click on "Next" button, "Storage on physical hard drive" page is displayed. Select "Dynamically allocated" radio button.

- Click on "Next" button, "File location and size" screen is displayed. Default the name of virtual harddrive as "Ubuntu" and allocate the size limit of the file data on the hard drive as "40GB"

- Click on "Create" button, a new virtual machine is created and is as shown in the screenshot below 

Install Ubuntu

- Click on "Start" button, "Select start-up disk" page is displayed.   

- Make sure the Ubuntu start-up disk is inserted into the "Hard Drive D:". Click on "Start" button. Ubuntu installation screen is displayed.

- After few minutes of loading, the Ubuntu installation screen is displayed.

- Click on "Install Ubuntu" button to kick start the installation."Preparing to install Ubuntu" page is displayed.

- Checked the options below during the installation

1. Download updates while installing
2. Install this third party software

- Click on "Continue" button. "Installation Type" screen is displayed. Use the default setting as shown below. Click on "Install Now" button, the installation kick started. 

- Current location page as shown below is displayed. Select your current location. Click on "Continue" button.

- "Keyboard Layout" page as shown in the screenshot below is displayed. Follow the instruction as prompted in the screen. Once "Continue" button is enabled, click on "Continue" button.

- "Who are you" page as shown in the screenshot below is displayed. Enter all the necessary information. Click on  "Continue" button.

- The installation complete screen as shown in the screenshot below is displayed when the installation completed.

Voila, you will have Ubuntu run on your Window machine once you have restarted your virtualbox.

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