Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to delete external app from LaunchPad?

  • For external application that displayed at LaunchPad, long click doesn't called up the cross symbol to allow the user to delete away the app.
  • Below are some alternative way that I have come across from internet that might be useful
  • Launch the "Terminal" window
# cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock
# ls
  • By listing the files in the folder, you will be able to find the database file
  • Run the command below to delete away the application from LaunchPad
# sqlite3 [DATABASENAME].db "DELETE from apps WHERE title='[APPNAME]';"

[DATABASENAME] represent the database name that we discovered at previous steps
[APPNAME] represent the name of the app
  • Run the command below to restart the launchpad. Voila, the external application is removed from LaunchPad.
# killall Dock

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