Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to hide and show menu based on user group in Joomla?

In order to show restricted menus to logged in user, below are the steps and configuration required

Create new "User Group"
  • Login as "Administrator", click on "Users" → "Groups" → "Add New Groups" menu. Add a new group with the name as "Custom".

  • Add user to the user group, for example, "user1" to "Custom" group.
  • Click on "System" → "Global Configuration" menu. Select "Permissions" tab, ensure "Custom" group "Site Login" action is set to "Allowed".

Create New Access Level

  • Click on "Users" → "Access Levels" → "Add New Access Level" menu. Add new level details as "Custom Level", select "Custom" user group.

Configure "Menu" access control
  • Click on "Menus" → "All Menu Items" menu, select a menu item "About Us" and assign the "Access" value to "Custom Level".

  • Assign 2 menu items as "Custom Level"

Verify the behaviour
  • Before login as "user1", launch the page, 2 menu items are displayed
  • Login as "user1", 4 menu items are displayed

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