Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to fix the copy and paste through the remote desktop connection problem?

This is a persistent problem that bother me all the while, especially when I'm doing the remote deployment using remote desktop connection to connect to remote server. This problem become obvious when I need to copy few lines of configuration and paste to the setting file in the remote server. So, I decided to find at least a simple tip that can solve my problem long term or temporarily.

Browsing through the internet and manage to find a simple solution:

1. Open the task manager
2. Click on "Processes" tab and select "rdpclip.exe"
3. Click "End Process" button
4. Click on "Application" tab
5. Click on  "New Task" and enter "rdpclip"
6. Click on "Ok" button
Try to copy some text and paste to the remote server notepad, should be working fine. At least for my case.

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