Monday, March 26, 2018

How to setup Serverless server on AWS (Static Web Hosting)?


- Register an AWS account

Note: AWS has given a very details step by step guide. This is for my own note taking and reference

Installation steps (Host a static website)
  • Login to AWS website, select your region.

  • Click on "S3" on the "Storage" section, "Create bucket" page is launched.

  • Click on "Create Bucket" button, fill in the form with the details and click on "Create" button
  • A S3 bucket will be created. Please refer to the screenshot below
  • A S3 bucket will be created. Please refer to the screenshot below:- 

  • Select the newly created S3 bucket,  launch the AWS management console.

  • Click on "Upload" button and copy all the files from "WebApplication\1_StaticWebHosting\website" folder into the "Upload" window..

  • Click on "Permission" tab, follow by "Bucket Policy" button, enter the "Bucket policy" and click "Save" button 
  • Click on "Properties" tab, follow by select "Static website hosting" and "Use this bucket to host a website" option. Enter index.html in the "Index Document" field. Click on "Save" button

  • Browse to the url "", the template page is displayed.


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