Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to setup Serverless server on AWS (RESTful APIs)?


- Register an AWS account

Note: AWS has given a very details step by step guide. This is for my own note taking and reference

Create a New REST API
  • Login to AWS management console, select "API Gateway" in the "Networking & Content Delivery" section.
  • Click on "Get Started" button
  • Select "New API" and enter "BeezRydes" in the "API name" field
  • Select "Edge Optimized" in the "Endpoint Type" field.
  • Click "Create API" button
Create a Cognito User Pools Authorizer
  • Select "Authorizers in the left menu

  • Select "Create New Authorizer" button
  • Enter "BeezRydes" in the "Name" field
  • Select "Cognito" for the "Type" field
  • Enter "BeezPool" in the "Cognito User Pool" field
  • Enter "Authorization" in the "Token Source" field
  • Click on "Create" link
Verify your authorizer configuration
  • Browse to the /ride.html, please refer to screenshot below. Copy the token.

  • Back to the "Authorizers" page, click on the "Test" link

  • Paste the authorization code into "Test Authorizer" page

  • Click on the "Test" button, Response code: 200 us returned
Create a new resource and method
  • Click on the "Resources" in the left menu
  • Click on the "Actions" button, follow by "Create Resource" option
  • Enter "ride" in the "Resource Name" field, the "Resource Path" is auto populated as "ride"
  • Ensure the "Ensure API Gateway CORS" checkbox is checked
  • Click on the "Create Resource" button
  • Click on the "Actions" button, follow by "Create Method" option
  • Select "POST" in the OPTIONS dropdown, click the checkmark afterwards.
  • Select "Lambda Function" in the "Integration type" field
  • Check the "Use Lambda Proxy integration" check box
  • Enter the name of the function you created in the previous module, RequestUnicorn, for Lambda Function.
  • Click on "Save" button
  • Click on the "Method Request" 
  • Click on "Edit" icon next to the "Authorization" field
  • Select "BeezRydes Cognito user pool authorize", follow by the checkmark
Deploy Your API

  • Click on the "Actions" button, follow by "Deploy API" option
  • Select "[New Stage]" in the "Deployment Stage" field.
  • Enter "prod" in the "Stage name" field
  • Click on the "Deploy" button
  • Please take note of the "Invoke URL", ""
Update the Website Config
  • Open the config.js file in a text editor
  • Update the invokeUrl setting under the api key in the config.js file.
  • window._config = {
        cognito: {
            userPoolId: 'XX-XXXXXXXXX-X_XXXXXXXXX', // e.g. us-east-2_uXboG5pAb
            userPoolClientId: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX', // e.g. 25ddkmj4v6hfsfvruhpfi7n4hv
            region: 'XX-XXXXXXXXX-X' // e.g. us-east-2
        api: {
            invokeUrl: '' 
  • In the AWS Management Console, choose Services then select S3 under Storage.
  • Navigate to the website bucket and then browse to the js key prefix.
  • Upload the config.js file

    Validate your implementation
    • Visit /rides.html page, for example, ""
    • Sign in page is displayed. Login with the registered user in thee previous tutorial.
    • Click on the map follow by "Request Unicorn" web service, the "Unicorn" will appear on the map as shown in the screenshot below

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